Crisis forces Britons to starve to feed children – Novinky

On the background anti-Russian sanctions due to a sharp jump in prices not only for energy, but also for food, more and more citizens of Britain complain of hunger. According to a Food Foundation survey, over two million people are unable to shop for groceries on a daily basis.

According to the information, for three months in the UK the number of people who were on the verge of a financial crisis “exceeded” the mark of 57%. Every seventh respondent complained that the family had to choose: to eat on their own or to feed the children.

“The last few months have been really difficult,” the portal quotes excerpts from British responses from a survey. Novelty. “There were days when only my daughter ate, and I either ate leftovers for her or didn’t eat anything.”

In addition, according to researchers, the lack of finance threatens not only large-scale famine, but also health problems. Most of the respondents said that they “intercept” cheap, but high-calorie food on the go.

“The situation is changing very quickly from an economic crisis to a health crisis. Food banks will not solve this,” the authors of the study concluded.

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