Criminal case on evasion of partial mobilization has no prospects – Trignin

Chairman of the Military Bar Association Vladimir Trignin believes that the criminal case on evasion of partial mobilization has no prospects, because there is no such concept in Russian legislation. He stated this to Pravda.Ru, commenting on the establishment of a criminal case in Penza against a young man for evading partial mobilization.

“Here we are talking about a citizen who is in the reserve. Therefore, as I understand it, the law enforcement officer wanted to compensate for the gap in the legislation, because there is no such thing as” mobilization draft evasion “. And I think that there is every reason to dismiss the case” , he noted.

According to the lawyer, in the explanation of the Supreme Court of the law on partial mobilization there is no such aspect as the institution of a criminal case.

“Therefore, we will observe,” Trignin concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in Penza taken into custody 32-year-old evader from partial mobilization. The young man refused to sign the summons.

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