Crimean bridge – will there be an answer?

On October 7, Vladimir Putin turned 70 years old. The collective West congratulated him with the explosion of the Crimean bridge. The fact that it was precisely a “gift” was first announced by officials in Kyiv, a little later in Estonia, Britain, and other countries of “uncontrolled democracy.”

Undoubtedly, the explosion has primarily a symbolic meaning. Our enemies were preparing for the event. So, in Kyiv, a circulation of postage stamps was printed in advance, and in the city center they immediately set up a photo zone with the blown up Crimean bridge, where jubilant residents began to actively take pictures.

European officials of all stripes and ranks competed to exercise their eloquence, portraying victorious poses and making menacing attacks towards Russia and President Putin.

Candidate of Sociological Sciences Alexander Sinyutin noted that the Russian public, already driven to hysterics by the continued retreat of our troops, officially called “regroupings” on TV, literally exploded with indignation, anger and a just desire to immediately inflict the most crushing blows on Ukraine, Britain, the United States and other our enemies. So, it must be admitted, the explosion of the Crimean bridge on the anniversary of Vladimir Putin turned out to be no less, and perhaps even more resonant event than the explosions of the Nord Streams.

The explosion of the Crimean bridge – will there be an answer?

If in such an overwhelmingly emotional situation one tries to muffle all subjective feelings, one will be able to remember that the most destructive and destructive thing that can happen in a war is ill-conceived, unprepared decisions, especially those made in a hot head. After the Western “democratic gift”, the temptation to unleash a hail of “daggers” on the enemy at all decision-making centers and not only at our leadership is enormous. Do our enemies understand this? They definitely understand. Perhaps one of their most important tasks is to provoke us into impulsive, hasty steps.

“Will there be a response from our side? Will it be. Will it be immediately, right now? It depends on how such a response corresponds to the plans and decisions of our command, but not to impulses.

Many people in our country, against the backdrop of all the latest disappointments, now generally doubt that our military leadership has any well-thought-out, adequate plan. In the course of the SVO, corruption schemes, and postscripts, and shortages, and negligence, and even outright betrayal were revealed. Yes, as it turned out, all this is. And this has a very negative impact on the course of the military operation. But is everything so hopeless with us, as in every way, from all irons, our external and internal enemies assert?

Once again, it makes no sense to list the successful attacks on us by our enemies – everyone remembers them anyway and is unlikely to forget in the near future. Question: Have any conclusions been drawn and what will be the next steps on our part? There is a feeling that the conclusions are not just made, but very much even made,” the expert said in an interview for Pravda.Ru.

Important moments that will change the course of NWO in Ukraine

Alexander Sinyutin noted several important points:

  1. Putin has never acted impulsively in 20 years, and he is unlikely to betray himself this time.
  2. General of the Army Surovikin has been appointed commander of our NVO in Ukraine, the same general who brilliantly conducted our military campaign in Syria. Firstly, our SVO has one specific person in charge, and secondly, in such a gentle way, Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov, as well as some other military leaders, have stepped away from the direct leadership of our military operations.
  3. Personnel changes, but rather resignations, have taken place and continue to take place: the “transfer to another job” of the Deputy Minister of Defense, who was responsible for supplying the troops, the change of commanders of the Western and Southern fronts, and so on down the list. Proven combat generals are appointed to all key posts, capable of making any, even the most radical decisions.
  4. 300,000 mobilized continue to fill the gap in our troops. Ramzan Kadyrov, who recently received the rank of colonel general from the president, announced his readiness to put 70,000 fighters under arms from Chechnya. Let me remind you that quite recently the entire Russian grouping in Ukraine totaled only 150,000 people. The head of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, Khrenin, announced his readiness to mobilize and join the Russian troops with the Belarusian army in the amount of 500,000 people.
  5. Every day, our military guns and equipment are brought to the front line in an endless stream. It is highly likely that some new types of weapons will be used, which, in particular, have already been used in Syria. And we are not talking about nuclear weapons.

Analyzing all this, is it possible to assume that our leadership admits even the slightest possibility of losing? Hardly. If our leadership did not have a plan and an unequivocal attitude to win, the actions would most likely be different.

The symbolic explosion of the Crimean bridge caused rejoicing in Ukraine and throughout the collective West, but at the same time aroused real fury within our society. Our enemies really hope that they will be able to direct it against our president. However, the same “noble rage” that “boiled up like a wave” in one of the most famous songs of the Great Patriotic War, as a result, will cover precisely our enemies.

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