Credit holidays in 2022, the law, how to apply

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Mobilized citizens and other members of the SVO, as well as members of their families, have the right to apply for credit holidays. This was told by the First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Olga Batalina.

A loan holiday is an opportunity not to make any payments on a loan for a certain period of time. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of loan or loan was issued by a member of the SVO or members of his family.

Who has the right to legally issue credit holidays for mobilized

– Credit holidays apply to all loans – mortgages, including social or family mortgages, consumer loans that were taken by individual entrepreneurs for business development, in fact, any, but not only loans, but also loans. We are talking about loans received in credit cooperatives, in credit agricultural cooperatives, in microfinance organizations, – explained Batalina.

The loan can be issued both to the participant of the CBO, and to other members of his family. This includes spouses, children over the age of 18 who became disabled before that age, children under 23 who continue full-time education, and dependents such as parents, siblings, and other relatives.

As Batalina explained, if a family has taken several bank loans (they can be issued both for one person and for different family members), then credit holidays can be obtained for each of them. True, with the proviso that the loans were taken before the conclusion of a contract for military service or until the moment a family member was mobilized.

Credit holidays will be provided for the entire period of mobilization or contract service plus thirty days. If, after mobilization, a citizen undergoes treatment in a hospital, then the entire period of treatment will also be included in the period of credit holidays.

First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Olga Batalina.

First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Olga Batalina.

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What will happen to overdue payments on loans mobilized

What to do with late payments? Will they be subject to interest and penalties? According to Batalina, this will not happen during the credit holidays.

– Overdue payments will be frozen and paid later, after the end of the credit holidays, – explained Batalina.

Batalina also said that during the loan holidays, the bank cannot sell the property that was pledged. We are talking about apartments, cars, land and other property.

Even if the loan was overdue and enforcement proceedings have already begun for the enforcement of funds, then during the loan holidays it will also be suspended.

Automatic credit holidays will not be provided. In order to receive credit holidays, mobilized and voluntary participants of the SVO need to apply to the bank where the loan or loan was issued. The bank must make a decision within 10 days. If within 15 days the citizen has not received from the lender either confirmation or refusal to apply for credit holidays, then they are considered valid from the moment the application is submitted.

At the same time, as Batalina clarified, the mobilized have the right to make feasible payments during the loan holidays. This will allow them to reduce the amount of principal debt in the future.

How to return money for air tickets to a mobilized person

Those who have received the summons will be able to return the money for pre-purchased air and train tickets. In this case, the refusal of transportation is considered forced, the Ministry of Labor explained.

What should be done:

In order to get a refund for a train ticket, including one purchased at a non-refundable fare, you need to apply to the railway ticket office with an identity document and a summons. They will refund you in full. If a person has already left for the unit, the funds for the ticket can be returned to his relative by written power of attorney.

It is also possible to return tickets to third parties who planned to travel with the called. To do this, travel cards will need to be presented to the railway ticket office, presenting passports for all travelers and a summons. Tickets must be issued for the same trip, train, or issued in the same booking.

You can return the money for the ticket at the place of purchase by presenting your passport and summons. If a citizen has already left for the place of service, third parties can apply for a refund by submitting the entire package of documents and a notarized power of attorney. It can be certified by the commander or head of the military unit where the mobilized is serving.

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