CPD unveiled another collection of Kremlin manipulations

Russian media are spreading the narrative about the alleged split in German society due to the “Ukrainian conflict”.

According to Ukrinform, the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine announced this in a Telegrampublishing a selection of manipulations spread by Kremlin propaganda on the morning of July 29th.

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So, with reference to the private German Allensbach Institute, Russian media say that because of the so-called Ukrainian conflict, society in Germany has split in half, and “to hear the German position, it is enough to open comments on local websites where readers write:” what are the German interests is the government chasing these deliveries?”, “more weapons from Germany = less gas for Germany.”

At the same time, pro-Kremlin outlets have spread information about the alleged reluctance of clients of the British edition of the Mirror to buy advertising space in newspapers next to stories about Ukraine. According to the propagandists, “Many of the publisher’s clients don’t want ads for their product next to ‘human suffering’ stories.”

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation warns that such reports by the Russian media are manipulation.

Manipulative, according to the JRC, is also the statement of the co-chairman of the joint control commission Oleg Belyakov, allegedly despite the fact that the so-called peacekeeping mission has been operating in Pridnestrovie for 30 years, the region “is interested in the presence of peacekeepers until the final resolution of the conflict.”

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As Ukrinform reported, pro-Kremlin “experts” are spreading a narrative about Russia’s alleged ability to end the war in Ukraine within a month.

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