CPD has collected another selection of the latest fakes of Rospropaganda

pro-Kremlin media spread manipulative stuff about the total manifestation of Russophobia in Poland.

According to Ukrinform, the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine announced this in a Telegram, publicizing a selection of manipulations and fakes that Russian propaganda released during May 14th.

According to the Center, “Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Father Boroday said that “now Ukrainians are being recruited into the army with the promise of paying 3,000 dollars each, so the flow of applicants is not yet exhausted,” however, “their hopes … fade very quickly when it reaches the front and understanding that they need to fight.”

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation warns that such statements by Russian officials are not true.

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At the same time, the pro-Kremlin media continue their discrediting campaign against Poland. In particular, it is argued that anti-Russian sentiment in the country “grows every day.”

The propagandists say that “almost all Western countries have begun to treat Russians worse, but in Poland, Russophobia is especially pronounced. The anti-Russian policy here is manifested at all levels and is dangerous.”

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation notes: such theses of the propaganda media are manipulation.

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Manipulative is also the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that “the negotiation process between Russian and Ukrainian representatives has actually been suspended by Kyiv, which is not interested in a serious and constructive dialogue.”

As Ukrinform reported, pro-Kremlin media and telegram channels are spreading misinformation about inciting conflict between the teams of President Volodymyr Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny with the intention of splitting Ukrainian society and creating hotbeds of political instability.

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