Coward, Dunce and Experienced are back: footage of the New Year’s remake film based on Soviet classics has been published

Before the public had time to recover from the news about the remake comedy “Self-Irony of Fate” (TNT), as it became known about another New Year’s surprise – the TV movie “Incident in the Country of Multi- Pulti (KION) based on the Soviet classics, where the most popular Russian actors reanimate the musical fairy tale of the same name, released in 1982 on the records of the Melodiya studio.

In the fairy tale based on the play by Arkady Khait, a whole complex of movie and cartoon characters, well-known to the public, whose universes did not intersect in any way, act at once: the Hare and the Wolf from “Well, you wait!”, Coward, Dunce and Experienced from the comedy “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, Carlson, musicians and others.

Of course, the most famous Russian artists were invited to these roles. So, the crocodile Gena was played by Evgeny Tsyganov – with the firm look of a sad, abandoned and beaten dog.

One of the best comedians of the country Timofey Tribuntsev played the role of Cheburashka.

The image of Experienced was taken to the well-fed Sergei Burunov.

Dunce after Yuri Nikulin undertook to win back Danila Kozlovsky. Although in this costume he looks more like the Wolf from “Well, you wait!”.

And Trusa – Alexander Petrov. Apparently, due to the complexion.

While Volka from “Well, wait a minute!” entrusted to play Alexei Serebryakov. So the hero turned out to be as evil as possible.

The fashionable old woman Shapoklyak was taken over by Ksenia Rappoport.

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