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In early autumn, the SARS season traditionally starts, and a surge in the incidence of viral infections, including COVID-19, is observed everywhere.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones not only from a new viral wave, but also from the possible lingering consequences of the transferred covid, which affects almost every fifth person who has been ill, doctors advise using antiviral agents that have been proven over the years, the effectiveness and safety of which have been confirmed by scientists.

“Centaur” is called the dark horse of Covida

To date, more than 53 thousand new cases have been recorded. House call services are overloaded.

For the first time, “Centaur” was identified in May of this year in India. During this time, virologists have already managed to study this subspecies of Omicron a little and come to the conclusion that the strain has a very high degree of infectivity and can spread faster than previous subspecies of the coronavirus.

Among the main symptoms of “Centaur” – fever, general weakness, headache and muscle pain. Doctors note that the disease itself is rarely severe, but the consequences of the infection are little studied today.

delayed effect

If it was previously believed that the respiratory organs mainly suffer from the consequences of a coronavirus infection, today doctors agree that any “weak” place in the body can suffer.

The fact is that a negative test for COVID-19 is not a guarantee that the body has completely coped with the infection. Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline for when and in what form post-COVID will appear. A person may feel unwell in the first days after discharge, and maybe after three months.

These data are confirmed by international studies. In particular, experts from the non-profit Long Covid Research Initiative, bringing together More than 20 leading scientists for a rapid and comprehensive study of Long Covid believe that complications caused by SARS-CoV-2 in the form of chronic symptoms can bother patients even years after the disease. Already this fall, it is planned to launch several international studies that will evaluate antiviral therapy aimed at a “long-term” coronavirus infection. Also, a search for biomarkers for the diagnosis of Long Covid will be carried out.

The fact that scientists have found the right method to cope with post-Covid is also confirmed by the data of a clinical study, which for two years was carried out endocrinologists from Armenia.

Specialists studied the features of the treatment of subacute thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland) caused by Covid-19, and came to the conclusion that the standard glucocorticoid therapy regimen does not work in this case and the disease returns after cancellation. By supplementing the treatment regimen with the Russian antiviral drug Arbidol, the doctors achieved stable remission in patients.

Fundamental Approach

Scientists remind that vaccinations do not guarantee that a person will not become infected with a coronavirus or flu, but they guarantee a milder course of the disease. Antiviral agents, on the other hand, can in some cases completely protect against the disease. However, it is necessary to choose only proven drugs.

The effectiveness of umifenovir (the international name of the active substance of the Russian drug Arbidol) is confirmed by more than a hundred clinical and preclinical studies, of which 75 are foreign. In particular, the remedy was approved by Chinese scientists. Based on their research, it was proventhat the drug molecules disrupt the surface structure of the cells to which the coronavirus usually “clings”, reducing its ability to attach. In addition, scientists figured outthat the molecules of the active substance of the drug inhibit the reproduction of the virus, and, therefore, we can talk about its preventive function.

According to the doctor of the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Radiobiology of the Medical University N.I. Pirogov Elena Kareva, the components of the Russian drug act already at the early stage of reproduction of COVID-19, preventing its penetration into the cell by blocking the fusion of viral particles with the cell membrane.

In addition, if an already ill person starts taking the drug, umifenovir can alleviate the course of the disease, shorten its duration and reduce the risk of complications. These data were confirmed by a study by specialists from the clinical department of the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after G.N. Gabrichevsky” Rospotrebnadzor, and its results have recently been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Medical Alphabet.

When viruses attack the body, it certainly needs support. And this is not only a good rest and good food. Vaccinations and antiviral drugs can also protect a person from unpleasant symptoms and a severe course of the disease.

Doctors recommend that you start taking antiviral drugs when the first symptoms appear, because the sooner you can stop the reproduction of the virus, the easier the disease proceeds. Or not developed at all. If we paraphrase the saying “Who is warned, he is armed”, in the case of the fight against coronavirus, it will sound like this: “Who is prevented is saved!”

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