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Russian courts have begun to cancel decisions on the expulsion of Ukrainian citizens to their homeland due to “the absence of the actual possibility of their execution,” the Kommersant newspaper writes on Monday, August 1.

After Russian invasion of Ukraine suspended an agreement between the two states on the expulsion of wanted people. Due to the fact that it has become physically impossible for Ukrainians to be sent home, more than 100 people have been “stuck” in the Russian Temporary Detention Centers for Foreign Citizens (TsVSIG), the newspaper notes.

According to the Moscow Helsinki Group, the courts have already canceled the decisions to expel at least 21 people from the center near Moscow. In addition, another 30 Ukrainians were released in St. Petersburg. Despite the decisions of the courts, some Ukrainian citizens are refused to be released from the TsVSIG, human rights activists reported.

Over 350 Ukrainians in pre-trial detention centers and special detention centers in Moscow

As of mid-June, there were more than 350 citizens of Ukraine. Some of them were detained at the request of the Ukrainian side, as they are wanted in their homeland for committing crimes.

Georgy Ivanov, a representative of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow, noted that before the war, the expulsion of Ukrainians took place “quite quickly.” AT TsVSIG in the village of Sakharovo in New Moscow, no more than 40 people were kept at the same time, and already in June there were 113 Ukrainians in the center.

Some of the Ukrainians in Russian pre-trial detention centers and special detention centers do not want to leave Russia, because their families live here, the PMC noted. According to human rights activists, some of them tried to obtain asylum, but were refused.

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