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Guy Reffitt, a Texas resident, was sentenced to the longest sentence ever, seven years and three months in prison, in the January 2021 Capitol storming case. The verdict was delivered on Monday, August 1, by D.C. Judge Dabney Friedrich.

The 49-year-old Texan was a member of a militarized radical far-right group. In March, he was found guilty of carrying a firearm into the grounds adjacent to the Capitol, assaulting police officers and obstructing an investigation. Reffitt also threatened his son and daughter and demanded that they not contact law enforcement. “Traitors are shot,” he told his 18-year-old son, who nonetheless testified against his father before the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and later in court.

Charge: Reffitt incited the crowd

Guy Reffitt is the first defendant to be tried in the storming of the building US Congress. Footage shows a Texas oilman getting into an altercation with cops on the steps of the Capitol and, according to the investigation, incites the crowd. The prosecution called him the “leader” of the crowd. “He lit the match that started the fire,” prosecutors said.

Capitol Storming and Congressional Investigation

Radical supporters Donald Trump, who lost the US presidential election, after his speech at a rally in Washington on January 6, 2021, broke through to the Capitol, where participants in a joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives approved the results of the vote. Protesters managed to break into the building, debates in Congress were suspended for several hours, lawmakers were evacuated.

The rioters clashed with the police, who responded with tear gas. The National Guard has arrived in Washington. Five people were killed in the clashes, including one police officer. Authorities took control of the Congress Building a few hours later. Two more policemen committed suicide in the following weeks. After the riots, about 50 people were detained, several of them were charged.

Over a thousand witnesses interviewed

After storming the capitol The commission of the House of Representatives of the US Congress studied more than 140 thousand documents and interviewed over a thousand witnesses to clarify Trump’s role in the events. During its first meeting in early June, the commission held the ex-president primarily responsible for the unrest in Washington. After the eighth public hearings, a break was announced in the work of the commission, a new meeting will be held in September. Trump denies his guilt and does not rule out that he will run again for the presidency of the United States in 2024.

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