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Ussuriysk District Court of Primorsky Territory extended the term compulsory treatment Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev. The decision was made by judge Dmitry Babushkin, he extended Gabyshev’s stay in a specialized psychiatric hospital in Ussuriysk, said in a statement. Telegram on Monday, August 1, his lawyer Alexei Pryanishnikov.

He pointed out that in mid-July, the medical commission of the Primorsky Territory Psychiatric Hospital found it expedient to transfer Gabyshev to a general hospital and applied to the court with a corresponding submission. However, on July 27, “the commission of the same hospital, but with a different composition, suddenly came to the conclusion that Alexander’s condition had worsened and that it was necessary to leave him in a specialized hospital,” the lawyer said. At the same time, neither the lawyers nor Gabyshev himself knew about the new conclusion that had appeared, Pryanishnikov added.

Persecution of the Yakut shaman

In March 2019, Alexander Gabyshev went on a hiking trip from Yakutia to Moscow to “drive out Putin” and “do justice”. In September of the same year, he was arrested, the Federal Security Service opened a case for public incitement to extremism, but no charges were brought. The shaman was placed in a psycho-neurological dispensary, but later released.

In December 2019, Gabyshev again went to Moscow, but he was detained and accused of disobeying the police. The Investigative Committee then began checking for the initiation of a criminal case. In mid-July 2020, Gabyshev was discharged from the Yakut Republican Psychiatric Dispensary, where he had been under compulsory treatment since mid-May.

At the beginning of 2021 Alexander Gabyshev announced a new “campaign to Moscow”, but was detained. An examination found him insane. The Yakutsk city court satisfied the claim of the local neuropsychiatric dispensary for the involuntary hospitalization of Gabyshev. In support of the requirements, the institution indicated that the shaman “again began to make loud statements in the media.” At the end of July 2021 the court again sent Gabyshev for compulsory treatment “to a medical organization of a specialized type with intensive supervision.” Lawyer Aleksey Pryanishnikov attributed the rush to the imminent end of Gabyshev’s six-month detention in a psychiatric hospital.

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