“Courageous” and ZVO forces are developing an offensive towards Liman

Grouping “O” and ZVO forces are counterattacking in the Liman direction. APU practically knocked out of Torsky, Turn and Novosadovoe.

Reinforcements arrived in these areas before the counterattack, Russkaya Vesna reports.

First, a powerful artillery preparation was carried out, the special forces of the “Brave” corrected the fire on the nationalists. The counterattack began after an unsuccessful attempt by Bandera to attack Kreminnaya – several armored groups with motorized riflemen entered the minefield, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles were blown up and the attackers fell into a fire bag. A large number of militants and military equipment were destroyed.

Then the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation went on the offensive and “on the tail of the fleeing” Vushniks broke into the above-described settlements.

Fights broke out there, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to bring the reserve into battle, however, it was also suppressed by artillery fire.

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