Counselor of Morena in Guerrero was shot to death in Aguas Blancas

José Francisco Fuentes Torres brunette counselor murdered in Guerrero (Facebook)
José Francisco Fuentes Torres brunette counselor murdered in Guerrero (Facebook)

Jose Francisco Fuentes Torres, State Councilor of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) in the Federal District 03 Warriorit was brutally murdered to bullets in the municipality of Coyuca de Benitez.

The first reports indicated that the attack against the official occurred on Sunday, December 11, in the community of White waters.

Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the site, including the director of Public Security of the Municipality, Onorio Salinas Garay, to protect the crime scene and carry out the corresponding investigations. Presumably the relatives of Fuentes Torres arrived at the place to remove the body by their own means.

The victim was 43 years old, just five days ago he had participated in the Informative Meeting with the Militancy of the Costa Grande led by the state leader of Morena, Jacinto González Varona.

Crime scene (Pixabay)
Crime scene (Pixabay)

Through a statement issued by the State Executive Committee of Morena and signed by González Varona, it is strongly condemned the murder of our friend, militant and comrade”.

They also demanded that the Guerrero State Prosecutor’s Office make “an prompt and expedited investigation and exhaust all lines of investigation to clarify this cowardly crime.”

“That the Prosecutor’s Office attend to this fact like the rest of the investigations, with strict adherence to due process so that defects that leave subjective interpretations in the course or results of the investigations are avoided,” the letter concluded.

A day before there was a multihomicide of eight people in the community The Peach in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, in Guerrero, perpetrated by a Armed groupallegedly linked to the Michoacan family.

Insecurity in Mexico (Cuartoscuro)
Insecurity in Mexico (Cuartoscuro)

The state Public Security Secretariat reported during the afternoon of December 11 that Evelio Gomez Mendez, head of the dependency, went to El Durazno to care for relatives of the victims of the tragedy.

As a result of the explosions, one of the bullets hit a child under 11 years of age who passed away Neighbors of El Durazno told local media that at approximately two in the afternoon the armed men arrived. Among them, the residents they identified one of the leaders of the Michoacana Family: Johny Hurtado, aka The fish.

And it is that both citizens and public officials have been the object of attacks by organized crime. In another attack that occurred at the beginning of December, David Borja Padilla Secretary of Public Safety of Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrerowas attacked gunshots.

A group of armed subjects would have approached him when he was traveling on the federal highway Acapulco-Zihuatanejonear the town of Bajos del Ejido, a short distance from a military checkpoint.

Violent events in Mexico (Quartoscuro)
Violent events in Mexico (Quartoscuro)

According to a report published by The International Crisis Group, at least 40 groups fight for a diverse criminal portfolio in the state, which include activities such as drug production and trafficking, as well as extortion and kidnapping.

Given this, groups called “self-defense groups” have emerged to mitigate the impunity that exists in the entity. However, the result is sometimes more violence.

According to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), Guerrero is among the 10 states of the Mexican Republic in which the most intentional homicides They were registered during the past year: 1,357, followed by Zacatecas, with 1,621.


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