Councilman Andrés Rengifo defends himself after accusations of bureaucracy in Barranquilla: “it is clear that it is a merely political issue”

According to an investigation by the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, the councilor created bureaucratic alliances with a political clan on the Caribbean Coast.  Via Twitter (@AndresRengifoL)
According to an investigation by the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, the councilor created bureaucratic alliances with a political clan on the Caribbean Coast. Via Twitter (@AndresRengifoL)

On December 6, the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation published a report that not only includes complaints against Andrés Rengifo, councilor of Barranquilla for the Green Alliance but also explains that he gave contracts to people close to him and workers in his campaign and his closeness to the Torres Villalba clan, one of the most powerful in the region.

In dialogue with this medium, Rengifo not only denied what was stated in the document; He also stated that some of the complainant councilors, such as Julio Andrade, have close relations with members of Pares, including its founder, León Valencia. He also mentioned Allan Paterninawho in the last local elections ran under the endorsement of the current government bodygetting just 900 votes.

“After that, Mr. Paternina recommends Mr. Julio Andrade to take his position in the Departmental Board of the Party in the Atlantic on behalf of the young greens, since he must leave the board for being part of the UTL at that time. of the then senator Antonio Sanguino”, Rengifo explained to this medium. In passing, he said that what worries both Paternina and Andrade the most is losing power in the community.

“Before they ruled freely in the internal organs of the community and now they have lost that power since we joined due to changes in the political dynamics,” the councilor reiterated. Another aspect that he mentioned was his attendance at political control debates and his exercise of opposition. In this regard, the report by Pares states that his interventions were “quite poor”, contributing little through his interventions.

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Councilor Rengifo said that he has attended all the sessions held in the Council and, therefore, the political control debates “at Triple A, Air-e, the Ministry of Health and MiRed IPS, Office of Security and Coexistence, Secretariat of Transit and Mobility, among others” and clarified that it is false that he attended only 8 of the 36 debates. However, what Pares details is that of the 36 debates, he only intervened in eight of them. He also denied that he had voted positively for the candidacy of Samir Radi, of Radical changeto the presidency of that corporation.

Now, regarding his possible ties to the Torres Villalba house, Councilor Verde clarified that in the 2019 local elections, said political clan publicly showed its support for the candidate Carlos Hernández Carrillo for the La U party. “We independently did our campaign and through our political work we achieved the seat that today both the administration and the councilors themselves and everyone in the local political scene know that it is an autonomous and independent credential,” Rengifo told this medium.

Regarding the complaints for having given district contracts to several of those who worked with him during the Council campaign (the report of Peers mentions 8 but Andrade told Infobae that there could be more), he justified by saying that “everyone in politics knows that one governs for all, but he does it with friends and trusted people due to the difficulty that public affairs entail. The people who spontaneously campaigned for us and we have taken into account within our work group have always been for their human and professional qualities”

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