Cossack squads gathered to “cut crests and traitors” in social networks and chats

Cossack cadets, who, due to their age, cannot volunteer to go to the NVO zone, but are eager to help their native country fight Ukrainian nationalists and the “fifth column”, will form Internet squads.

This was announced by one of the registered atamans of the Southern Federal District, adding that they plan to “work” in social networks and chats of popular instant messengers exclusively on a volunteer basis, and among their tasks is counter-propaganda and the identification of citizens who violate the law on fakes about the Russian army, extremists, etc. d.

“The cadets are young, eager to fight, but (to the NVO zone. – Note. ed.) no one will let them in. They are educated guys, historically savvy, patriots, well aware of social networks and so on, so they volunteered to patrol (there. – Note. ed.), give resistance to fakes from Ukrainians, from our Russian provocateurs. want calculate violators laws (on calls for extremism, fakes, the prohibition of discrediting the army, calls for sanctions), traitors to the Motherland and pass it on to elders, and those send “where to”he added.

According to him, “the guys are not going to take a penny from the state, from the budget,” and they plan to carry out their Internet service “in their free time from training.”

The Cossack also showed a freelance correspondent of Pravda.Ru a chat of cadets, in which they discussed “how crests and traitors will be cut down (in social media. — Note. ed.)”, and from where (list of resources, media, Telegram channels, online libraries, and so on) to quickly get reliable information for discussions.

Formerly Advisor to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Denisenko made an official demand “to rewrite the history of the Second World War for the victory over the Russian world.”

Note that Pravda.Ru has already written about the “price” for the work of the Ukrainian “sofa army” before the start of the SVO. Ukrainian “heroes of Internet battles” received for this from 800 hryvnia per day, or 300 rubles for every 10 comments in social networks and chats.

Now, according to experts, prices have “increased many times over”, and officers of the TsIPSO (Center for Information and Psychological Operations) and rabid “dill patriots” are also “fighting” in social media. users to stop using obscene language in social networks and instant messengers. The experiment was considered successful.

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