Controversy over Shakira’s song: his lyrics against Piqué and his girlfriend generated a new crack

Shakira and Bizarrap – Bzrp Music Sessions #53

“Sorry that it splashes you”, “Clear-mind”, “I’m worth two 22”, “You give yourself so much as a champion and when I needed you you gave your worst version”were some of the sharp elevation shots that marked another crack: those who are in favor of and those who oppose the brand new and successful BZRP Music Session #53″the song with which Shakira he dispatched himself at ease against his ex-partner, Gerard Piquéand his current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. And that immediately went viral.

As if it were a strange phonetic coincidence with Shakira, the writer Valeria Schapira talked with infobae and revealed that she felt identified with the song of the day. “When reading the lyrics, I perceived a lot of pain, that of a mine that is getting up from the floor and cleaning the dust: I was there,” reveals the journalist in relation to her book The dead in my closetwork that was born based on his experiences with ex-partners.

“It’s a bit similar to the letter, but I didn’t give names there,” Schapira says about her publication, which is already a decade old, and details her modus operandi: “I looked for all my exes to do it. The book has a load of irony, I think that today I would not write in that style again because I realized that behind that ironic climate, as in the song, impotence and pain are masked, ”he admits.

Valeria Schapira
Valeria Schapira

For her part, the teacher, journalist and writer Flavia Pittella He explained to this medium that he will always be “in favor of art and cultural expression.” “If a man had written it, no one would say anything. Since Shakira is a mother and wife, it seems that she should take care of her manners, and of the children, due to the obligation of being a woman. When listening to reggaeton, no one is affected by the barbarities that a man writes about a woman, ”she points out.

For this reason, according to Pitella, “nobody talks about Piqué but they do talk about Shakira or Clara. The actions of the man are never questioned, but the lyrics of the song are because we do not give the appropriate space for discussion to the guy who leaves and abandons his children, thus annulling and violating a relationship pact ”, she argues.

Flavia Pittella
Flavia Pittella

On the masculine side, Federico Bal tweeted in echo of the hit song: “Can anyone think of their kids? If your parents won’t do it, someone else should! Those two kids have to go to school, deal with bullying. (…) Someone can think of their children”, highlighted the actor, with this last sentence in capital letters.

This familiar topic triggered, this morning, a certain controversy in the program lanata without filter (Radio Miter) when the journalist Rolando Barbano He took the gauntlet of the matter and expressed: “Exposing this fight, isn’t it exposing the boys?”, to which his colleague Gabriel Levinas, determined: “What Shakira did is wrong. There are a thousand ways to write songs and make poetry without having to publicly disgrace the father of her children. The fact that he has done things wrong does not give her the right to be wrong as well, “said the journalist.

Gabriel Levinas
Gabriel Levinas

“One has to do a lot of internal work to be able to heal issues of heartbreak. We come with factory wounds, abandonment, rejection with parents and we transfer that to the bonds. I started therapy at the age of 15 and today, at 53, I found answers. When you evolve, you don’t put the blame on the other,” said Schapira. To which Pittella completed: “I am sure that when she finished that song, she got into the bathtub to cry. One does not bury a love like this, without pain, because I had already been feeling disappointment in installments.

Pitella, author of 40 books that I adoreheld before infobae to dedicate a stanza to Clara Chía is “losing a bit of the code that we women set ourselves a long time ago: we don’t interfere with each other”. And he expanded: “He (by Piqué) does not force her to enter her house, there is a point of discussion if she deserves the escrache in the song or if Shakira felt that she had to include her as an artist’s post. I think it’s putting unnecessary pressure on her because she’s a woman.”

The passage of the song “Women no longer cry, women invoice” was another topic in the conversation with the interviewees. “That we do not cry is a lie, it is something that is imposed on men and I do not like to associate myself with the masculine to be a woman,” said Pittella. To which Schapira completed: “It’s a lie that we don’t cry, the idiots are us who continue to cry for love. I cut it to Shakira, not all women they can bill with heartbreak like her,” he said.

Gerard Piqué, Shakira and Clara Chía Martí
Gerard Piqué, Shakira and Clara Chía Martí

For his part, in the networks, the journalist Alexander Schapireauthor of the book The progressive betrayal, tweeted that “elegance and modesty are not a trend. From Shakira to (the prince) Harrymaking more money than can be spent selling the family’s dirty laundry.”

Regarding the future of the Colombian singer and the former soccer player, after this mega hit, Pittella expressed that “time will pass, they will build a relationship as an ex-partner, as a husband and wife who have two children and the song will be an icon for women who were cheated on. She is the voice for those who cannot speak, a topic like flag of deceit and lack of love, the culmination of a feeling that I felt for him: love”.

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