Consultations with Kyiv on launches of MLRS HIMARS prove US involvement in the conflict in Ukraine

The United States no longer hides its direct involvement in Ukrainian conflict. This was informed by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov.

In support of his words, Konashenkov cited a statement by a Ukrainian general, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitskywho said that before each launch of the American HIMARS MLRS, the Kyiv authorities consult with Washington, which corrects their targets for strike, or directly suggests where exactly to direct the missile.

“All this irrefutably proves that Washington, contrary to the statements of the White House and the Pentagon, is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” Konashenkov concluded, quoted by SM-News.

Former Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky called the HIMARS MLRS delivered by the United States to Kyiv a “symbol of justice” for Ukraine.

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