Congressman Pasión Dávila proposes a mobilization to support President Pedro Castillo

Congressman Pasión Dávila defended President Pedro Castillo.
Congressman Pasión Dávila defended President Pedro Castillo.

It’s been a difficult day for him. Executive power after the raids and arrests of figures close to the president peter castle. There have been many who have criticized the work of the Public ministry and the Judiciary, among which is the congressman from the Democratic Bloc, Passion Davila. He questioned what was said by the effective collaborators and mentioned an alleged attempt to vacate the head of state.

“For me, everything is invalid,” he stressed in a conversation with Canal N and then pointed out that what he said to the authorities in recent months are assumptions and that they would not affect the president. peter castle. Davila He indicated that there is a “right-wing vacant plan” to whom he pointed out that they should not accept that a man of the people has been elected president of the Republic.

As a backup to peter castlethe representative of Magisterial Block He proposed calling a demonstration. “Here the people will have to be summoned to make them respond accordingly. There are eight million Peruvians who have supported Pedro Castillo”, he said, later emphasizing that it should not be just a protest but “several mobilizations so that he can be respected”.

Pedro Castillo in the crosshairs of the Public Ministry
Pedro Castillo in the crosshairs of the Public Ministry

Likewise, the congressman accused the opposition of having invented a constitutional complaint. It should be noted that hours before, the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidez, went to Congress to present the complaint against President Pedro Castillo. It must be taken care of by the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusationsthe same ones that should decide the destination of the document.

This document takes into account the declarations of effective collaborators. For his part, Dávila insisted that these are statements by questionable figures and that they are assumptions. However, it should be noted that the authorities take into account what was said by the collaborators once the information provided has been confirmed. In addition, he questioned the Nation’s prosecutor for doubts about his suitability for the position.

Patricia Benavidez provided a message to communicate that he has finally filed the constitutional complaint against peter castle after finding “serious indications of the alleged existence of a criminal organization entrenched in the Government Palace with the purpose of taking over, controlling and directing contracting processes to obtain illicit profits.”

The official indicated that, according to the investigation, the organization is led by the President of the Republic and integrated, among others, by former ministers John SilvaGeiner Alvarado and the former general manager of Petroperú, Hugo Chávez.

Pedro Castillo will face a new accusation from the Prosecutor of the Nation for three serious crimes.  (Trome/Composition)
Pedro Castillo will face a new accusation from the Prosecutor of the Nation for three serious crimes. (Trome/Composition)

Likewise, it said that the crimes of criminal organization, influence peddling, and collusion had been committed in the cases called the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Puente Tarata), Petroperú, and the Ministry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation.

“Today we present before the Congress of the Republic the constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo Terrones and the other registered members of the alleged criminal organization,” he stressed.

From Congress, the opposition showed a certain restraint after the presentation of the complaint. Gladys Echaíz, Jorge Montoya and Patricia Juárez indicated that they must first know the content of the document in order to offer their appreciations. Regarding a new vacancy motion, the spokesperson for People’s Renewal He pointed out that first they need to read the content of the complaint since it is a completely different procedure from the vacancy. “We are going to comply with what the law, the rules and the regulations say,” he said about the work to be carried out by the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations, a working group that will have to deal with the complaint.


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