Congress: they denounce that Héctor Valer hired his partner as an adviser for 11 thousand soles per month

Parliamentarian would have hired his partner for a salary of 11 thousand soles per month.

A new scandal in the Congress of the republic. Apparently, the stories of influence peddling between congressmen, officials, and state authorities are endless.

A few hours ago, through a complaint issued by the “Punto Final” program, a new hiring irregularity made for the public sector. In this opportunity the protagonist is the parliamentarian Hector Valer, who is accused of working with his partner in his office.

According to the Sunday program, Marilyn Mamani Nina held the position of adviser and earned a salary of 11 thousand soles per month. However, the most surprising of the case, are the broadcast audio by the Latina news where the legislator’s revelations on the subject are clearly heard.

In the material, the congressman can be understood, assuring that his partner worked in the Parliament until July this year. He also revealed that it is his “second engagement” and that she is not afraid to admit their relationship because she supposedly no longer works in Congress.

Audio revealers lay it bare.
Audio revealers lay it bare.

“Now everyone can say what they want. Is it my second commitment? Yes, it’s my second commitment. He no longer works in Congress. Now I can say it without any problem”, Héctor Valer is heard firmly pronouncing in the recordings revealed by Punto Final.

“Until last month he worked, yes, July. If you can say that while I was working I lived with her, then yes, I lived. She was my partner and period”, added the legislator confidently and without hesitation.

As you remember, Héctor Valer is a congressman and former head of the Council of Ministers for a period of only days. He had to leave the position of premier, after it was publicly known that he has complaints of physical assault against his wife and daughter.

Punto Final contacted the legislator to find out his version of the facts and strongly rejected this version, despite the broadcast of the audios where his voice is recognized.

When asked if his partner worked in Congress, the legislator confirmed the employment relationship, but He denied that it was executed inside his office.

On the subject, the lawyer Romy Chang pointed out that the parliamentarian would be in a serious crime against public faith by hiding from Congress that he had a sentimental relationship with his adviser, which may bring him criminal consequences that perhaps at the time, the legislator did not realize.

However, the case of Hector Valer It’s not the only one. A few months ago, the “Panorama” program revealed the case of Congressman Roberto Kamiche, a member of the Democratic Peru caucus.

According to the complaint of the Sunday program, this legislator would also experience the same situation as Valer, since would have taken his current sentimental partner to work in Parliamentidentified as Katherine Marita Cruz Vargas.

Photo: Capture
Photo: Capture

“Panorama” revealed last July that the person involved would serve as an advisor to her office and will receive a monthly salary of around 12 thousand soles since August 201.

In addition, within the journalistic investigation, a pending complaint that the congressman has dated May of last year was included. In the police report that was made before the swearing-in of the congressman as father of the country, He is accused of family violence.

In addition, the victim revealed to the police authorities that the legislator confessed his new relationship with Katherine Cruz and warned her that he will take her to work as an adviser to Congress.

The writing shown by the Panamericana Televisión newscast indicates that Roberto Kamiche was denounced by his ex-partner for psychological aggression.


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