Congress disqualified Freddy Díaz for 10 years for constitutional violation

Freddy Diaz.  (Andean)
Freddy Diaz. (Andean)

Joseph Williamspresident of the Congress of the republicrescheduled for this Thursday a new plenary session to discuss the reconsideration of the vote on the report that proposes disqualifying congressman Freddy Díaz for 10 years from holding public office, who is currently being accused of alleged rape .

For this, on this occasion and with 77 votes in favor, Congressman Díaz was disqualified.

For this, it was learned that the one who voted against the sanction was Freddy Díaz, while the parliamentarians Heidi Juárez, Huamán, Darwin Espinoza, Z Cruz, abstained from voting on this measure.

Minutes before knowing the decision of Congress, Freddy Díaz left his seat.

According to the head of Parliament and after the spokespersons’ meeting, this will be the first topic to be discussed on the plenary’s agenda.

What is sought with this new call, is that the congressmen can compensate the decision that has been highly questioned from various political and institutional sectors, since the legislator failed to comply with the regulations of Congress, but also the serious complaint against him for alleged sexual abuse of a worker in his office, an event that would have occurred in the past July 27th.

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Freddy Diaz.  (Andean)
Freddy Diaz. (Andean)

Emerson FieldsFreddy Díaz’s lawyer, said that the complaint against his sponsored, assured that there is a “criteria of doubt.”

I agree with the congresswoman Gladys Echaiz Because, as a lawyer, she also sees that there is a criterion of doubt in the face of what is proven and she has perhaps also collated what the report (of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations) says. Where nothing of what we say is mentioned,” she said.

In addition, it justified the decision to request that these images be shown in a reserved session.

“In that video, what is determined and shown is that the alleged victim denies any situation at all times. We request the reservation (before the plenary session of Congress) because it is a crime against the sexual freedom of a person, honor must be respected and not victimize justly so as not to generate this morbidity in the population, ”she said.

Freddy Diaz.
Freddy Diaz.

the congressman Freddy Diaz, He mentioned that the disqualification for 10 years against him that was debated in Congress did not seem reasonable to him, since in his opinion the authorities of the justice system should be in charge of his case.

“What was voted for yesterday is a constitutional violation. They are requesting a disqualification for 10 years, which does not seem reasonable to me with everything that has been seen in the final report. Because the report that is determined brings elements that have not been considered and have not validated what we have presented as evidence, ”she emphasized.

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The Judiciary will also see today the request for preventive detention for 9 months against Congressman Freddy Díaz, accused of raping a worker in his office at a Parliament building.

The hearing will be held this Thursday from 12:30 p.m.reported the Public ministry on the request against the legislator, ordered by the Second Supreme Criminal Prosecutor.

A Freddy Diaz He is accused of the alleged commission of the crime against sexual freedom- rape of a person in a state of unconsciousness or inability to resist.


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