Congratulations on the opening of foreign exchange shops

Stanislav Sadalsky spoke about the opening of specialized stores in Moscow to serve diplomats, consuls, their families and foreigners working in the Russian Federation.

The news about the appearance of such trade pavilions evoked in Sadalsky memories of the Soviet past.

“In Soviet times, we already passed these shops,” wrote the star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.”

The 70-year-old actor recalled that some Beryozka stores were foreign currency. They served high-ranking diplomats who were allowed to have foreign banknotes on the territory of the USSR.

The Honored Artist of the RSFSR recalled that it was not easy to get into Beryozka, since the guard had the task of not letting onlookers into the trade pavilion.

“Everyone who spoke Russian was treated with suspicion and wariness, at the entrance they could be required to present“ checks ”so that ordinary Soviet citizens would not enter Beryozki like museums, admire the inaccessible,” shared his knowledge of the past Sadalsky.

The actor addressed his subscribers with congratulations.

“Congratulations to all of us on the opening of new foreign exchange stores,” the artist wrote.

Formerly Sadalsky complained to increase tariffs for banking services and reduce the quality of online services.

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