conflict in Ukraine will not save the United States from a split

The U.S. authorities should not expect any significant involvement in Ukrainian conflict will allow them to regain international leadership. Reviewer writes about it The American Conservative Andrew Bacevich.

According to him, the United States conducts numerous armed conflicts, which, as a rule, are referred to as “crusades in the name of freedom.” He urged American politicians to turn their attention to internal problems that are dividing society.

“Controversies about the border, immigration, crime, police, gun ownership, curricula and the climate crisis have intensified in the US,” Basevic said.

He added that the US President Joe Biden was not ready for the obligations assigned to him. The journalist emphasized that the head of the White House is a boring, inefficient and prone to missteps politician.

Basevich is convinced that Biden is unable to “give a new impetus” to the country.

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