Confession of a Ukrainian soldier: “This is a meat grinder. Out of 15 people, one survives … “

Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with an American MANPADS "Stinger"Donbass front.

Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the American MANPADS “Stinger”, Donbass front.

A photo: EAST NEWS

The attack on the suburbs of Donetsk, where Ukrainian troops have dug in for 8 years, finally deployed the army corps of the DPR with the support of Russian artillery. Attacking Avdiivka. And the village of Sands, which is called the keys to Avdiivka. Assault detachments of Donbass have already managed to advance here.

Throughout the last week, residents of Donetsk, who were under shelling from Pesok, watched clouds of smoke rise above this village – this “view from the window” has been waiting here for a long 8 years. There have been no civilians in Pesky for a long time. And the village itself has been turned into a continuous fortified area.

There was hope that the front line would finally be moved away from Donetsk, and the townspeople would no longer be afraid to go out into the street.

The seriousness of the offensive can be judged by the reaction from the other side. Not from a full-time storyteller of the Kyiv regime Alexey Arestovich, which every evening “wang” on Ukrainian TV for an ambulance. And from the trenches Sand, which those sitting in them have already called hell.

Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine.


Here are the revelations of a Ukrainian fighter – Sergei Gnezdilov, who is fighting in Pesky. His letter was published on social networks (and has already been confirmed by an irritated reaction from Kyiv, where the soldier was accused of cowardice, but did not refute what he said).

“What else to lose, what else can be taken away from me on the sixth day of my personal hell in Pisky, a kilometer from the first street of Donetsk? The bodies of those who were dearer to me than my relatives are lying in the heat in the trenches broken by 152-mm caliber. 6500 shells per fucking village in less than a day.

There are already six such days, and it doesn’t fit in my head how at least some of our infantry remains alive in this flurry of enemy fire.

No, I don’t whine.

Two mortars of caliber 82 and 120 millimeters are working from our side.

Sometimes two artillery pieces wake up and “sneeze” towards Donetsk.

We hardly answer. Counter-battery fire is completely absent from the word, the enemy, without any problems for himself, puts an artillery shell in our trenches, dismantles very strong, concrete positions in tens of minutes, pushing through our defense line without a pause and minimal rest.

The day before yesterday, it broke down, and two hundredths / three hundredths (killed and wounded in the army language. – Ed.) poured in. I will not publish any statistics, it is prohibited in our country, but you can’t even imagine the number of losses.

This is a fucking meat grinder, where the battalion simply holds back the invasion with their bodies.

For almost a week we have been waiting for at least some help that would hit enemy artillery, we, I repeat, are being burned with impunity with everything that the Russian military system is rich in, aviation was working today.

Without a counter-battery fight, the war turns into a senseless meat grinder, where an insane amount of our infantry is ground in a day.

Are you sure you want the truth? Here it is, the naked truth.

The reserve goes to the position, close the breakthrough with itself, and after 5 minutes out of 15 people only one remains intact.

The bodies are lying. If the light 300th (wounded. – Ed.), Maybe you’re lucky, you stumble, and you go out on foot, you get to the doctors.

They brought the three hundredth. He shouted all the way: “Where is the support? Where is the artillery? Why were we abandoned? Why didn’t anyone cover us?”

I don’t know, friend, why no one covered us … He screams, and I’m ashamed that I’m still safe and sound, only a couple of times I was seriously deafened.

I vomited, sorry, and again in the ranks.

All reserves are gouged, the equipment is on fire, the enemy approaches and takes our positions without any problems after another flurry of artillery.

Right now we are losing the Sands, all our human and material possibilities have been exhausted.

Denis from Mariupol, who told me “well, I believe Arestovich, we will soon return everything back,” is dead. We haven’t recovered his body yet. On the ruins of Sand, he lies with his arms outstretched, and his gaze is fixed.

I believe that Dimka survived after all. Because he couldn’t die just coming back from the hospital, just proposing to his girlfriend. They say he just fled. Covered with earth. But I believe it’s a mistake and he’s alive. Foolish hope.

I know my state doesn’t like thinking out loud. But I was left no choice among the arrest. The truth should sound, not whispered conversations in the kitchen. Of course, for this message I will fly separately, but what about: yes, is the state really lying to its own citizens?

I won’t be surprised if they say today: “Kremlin agent Sirozha blabbed about a brilliant plan for victory on the Donetsk front, we’ll hang him on Myrotvorets.”

I’m tired of saying that everything is under control. Now in Pesky everything is not under control, but for some reason they are silent about the situation.

Beat the broken bells while we cover the Sands with bodies.

We need artillery. Give us something here so we can hold on.”


This letter from the other side of the front, of course, requires clarification.

The Ukrainian soldier says they don’t have enough guns. Nevertheless, Donetsk continues to be shelled, bombarded with rockets with mines “Petal” (on which civilians are torn). Ukraine has enough guns for this.

I would not judge the real affairs at the front by one letter in social networks. Although, described in the Sands, it is very typical. For almost six months, the main professional backbone of the Ukrainian army has been knocked out. There were rare combat-ready units where the pros were gathered, and on the front line for the most part – mobilized reservists, collected from the streets and beaches. Many are from Western Ukraine. And they have neither the skills nor the motivation to fight.

Now the situation is approximately the same near Soledar and Artemovsk. Here, the troops of the LDNR and Russia quietly pushed through the first line of Ukrainian defense, caught on urban development, the fighting is already going on inside Soledar.

But this does not mean that Ukraine is not snapping. Her troops tried to counterattack near Artemovsk. Three battalions with the support of tanks, artillery went to the village of Pokrovskoye. And in one day, more than 360 Ukrainian soldiers died here. Collided with the defensive wall of PMC “Wagner” and the allied forces. And then … Then the remnants of the Ukrainian battalions were driven so that they lost 6 tanks, 4 armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and 2 Fury drones.


And about the superiority of Russia in artillery. In many ways, it is thanks to Kyiv. Zelensky transferred part of the guns from Donbass to Kherson. There he plans an offensive that the whole world already knows about. But if this adventure happens, Zelensky will get a failure and losses on a much more tragic scale than near Artemovsk.

Rumor has it that General Zaluzhny, the commander of the Ukrainian forces, demanded that Zelensky return artillery to Donbass so as not to lose key points of defense. This is Avdeevka, and the line Seversk – Artemovsk, after which there is a direct road to Slavyansk.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

A photo: REUTERS

At the same time, Zelensky said that Ukraine cannot reverse Russia’s advantage in artillery and manpower in the Donbas. It is rather calculated for the ears of the West – to beg for even more HIMARS rocket systems, CAESAR self-propelled guns and M777 howitzers. But in terms of manpower, after all, Ukraine has superiority, there is no big secret here. Moreover, on some fronts it is multiple. For example, when the Uglegorsk thermal power plant was liberated, there were three times more enemy than the attackers. This speaks of the experience, training, and military art of the allied forces, which the inexperienced Ukrainian units lack.


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