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The Foreign Affairs Commission of the Latvian Seimas supported a draft resolution on recognizing Russia as a state supporting terrorism. In a statement adopted on Tuesday, August 2, the members of the commission call on the EU countries to immediately suspend the issuance of tourist visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

“For many years, Russia has supported and financed terrorist regimes and organizations in various ways – directly and indirectly,” the statement reads. statement published on the website of the Latvian Seimas. At the same time, the deputies called Moscow the largest supplier of weapons to the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and recalled the accusations of Russia in poisoning of the Skripal family in the UK andcrash of the Malaysian aircraft MH-17 over the Donbass in 2014.

“Russia has now adopted a similar – brutal, immoral and illegal – tactic in Ukraine, using inaccurate and internationally prohibited weapons and ammunition, deliberately targeting civilians and public places. In doing so, it causes not only enormous physical damage, but also seeks to demoralize and intimidate Ukrainian society,” said Rihards Kols, Chairman of the Seimas Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Russia is using suffering and intimidation as a tool to occupy Ukraine”

The statement also states that after the start of full-scale war in Ukraine 12 million of its citizens were forced to leave their homes, more than 5 million – their country. The deputies also recalled the atrocious crimes of the Russian military against the civilian population of Ukraine, mass detentions of civilians in filtration centers and mass deportations. In addition, the statement refers to the infliction by Russian forces strike on the port of Odessa less than a day after the signing of an agreement on the export of Ukrainian food by sea. By doing so, Moscow “demonstrated disrespect for its obligations, the international order and its institutions, and also deliberately continued to deepen the global food crisis, which will cause hunger and suffering around the world,” the authors of the statement are sure.

They are convinced that the Russian Federation is using suffering and intimidation as a tool occupation of Ukraine, with which she is trying to demoralize the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army, as well as paralyze the Ukrainian state. “The deputies recognize Russia’s violence against civilians to achieve political goals as terrorism, and Russia as a state that supports terrorism,” the statement reads further. The application will be considered at the next plenary session of the Seimas.

Meanwhile Seimas of Lithuania back in May recognized the Russian military invasion of Ukraine as genocide, and Russia is a state that supports terrorism. At the end of July newspaper The New York Times wrote that a bipartisan group of members of the US House of Representatives presented an act recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. If adopted by the US Congress and signed into law, the measure will allow to bypass the resistance of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and include the Russian Federation in the list, which already includes North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran.

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