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What the war is not overMoreover, its outcome has not been decided at all, does not in principle testify against the development of plans for the restoration of Ukraine. Like many other things these days, they carry, above all, a political symbol that Ukraine must join the ranks of the free West.

It is useful as (optional) signal to Putin and even more – as an incentive for the Ukrainian people. It will be easier for him to endure hardship and suffering if he knows what his soldiers are fighting for. At the moment, it would be highly inconsistent for the European Union to grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate and then leave it alone.

Nicholas Busse

Nicholas Busse

A completely different question is how realistic is a significant recovery of the country in the near future. Even in areas that Ukraine has been able to regain control over, there is no guarantee that new Russian attacks will not again destroy what has been built with Western money. In general, today no one can say which parts of Ukraine will remain independentwhich limits the scope of planning.

The decision that Ukraine will become an exemplary “green” and democratic country, much easier to take in Luganothan put into practice in Kyiv. It is impossible to embellish the problems with corruption and oligarchs, the money of Western taxpayers should not disappear anywhere. Confiscation of Russian foreign assets (in favor of Ukraine. – Red.) will not always be the way out here. It must be justified by the decisions of the courts.

Posted by Nicolas Busse, FAZ columnist

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