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The restrictive measures imposed by the EU on transit between Russia and its Kaliningrad exclave are an exceptional case. After all, we are talking about the exchange of goods within the Russian Federation, and not between the EU and Russia. With this justification for the limitation transit could have been removed. But since the main political goal is to weaken the Russian economy, the EU has used this as one of many levers to put pressure on Putin. In addition, it is strategically advantageous to prevent deliveries to the city where the Baltic Fleet is based and nuclear missiles are located.

FAZ columnist Nicolas Busse

Nicholas Busse

However, about any blockade on which complain in Moscow there is no speech. Restrictive measures do not apply to all goods, and the Kaliningrad governor himself noted that the region could also be supplied with sea transport. Of course, it will cost more, but that is the purpose of the sanctions. The fact that the transit restrictions “violate everything and everything,” as the Kremlin spokesman said, has much more to do with Russia’s invasion of a peaceful neighboring country. Unspecified (as always) Moscow’s threats against Lithuania, imposing EU sanctions, the West need not interpret in a military way. An attack on Lithuania would be an attack on NATO. Putin will think about this very carefully.

Posted by Nicolas Busse, FAZ columnist

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