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A significant part of the problems that the world economy has faced are at the expense of one single person. And this is not about Vladimir Putin. Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a decree to China in 2020, from which coronavirus spread throughout the world, the only sure way out of pandemics – a “zero covid” strategy. This model, promoted with success by Chinese state propaganda, has lost much of its luster in the past two months. no regard for people and economic losses multi-million dollar Shanghai practically turned into a prison. However, the virus did not obey Xi’s instructions.

FAZ columnist Peter Sturm

Peter Sturm

Now restrictions are being lifted from Shanghai. These measures are, as always, accompanied by a militant campaign in the Chinese state media. Doubting the leader’s course is, of course, a taboo. What goes on in people’s heads is as difficult to control as the virus itself. The population was forced to watch how the authorities, although they retained control over what they proclaimed earlier, but at the same time left people alone with their daily problems. Those who had to struggle to survive because there was no way to get food will no longer believe in Xi Jinping’s infallibility. And the whole system relies on it.

Author: Peter Sturm, columnist FAZ

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