Colonel McGregor: Kyiv has the last opportunity to negotiate with Moscow

Kyiv has the last opportunity to negotiate with Moscow on ending the conflict. But the United States and Britain have made it pretty clear that they are not going to support any negotiated agreements. This statement was made by a former colonel of the US Army Douglas McGregor.

The retired soldier believes that Russia is completing its task in the south to completely take control of the Donbass. However, in his opinion, Moscow does not expect agreements with Kyiv at the diplomatic level.

The former colonel also suggested that the Russian army would pause in hostilities until August, and then launch a major offensive that would lead it to the Dnieper, Odessa and Transnistria, and Kharkov would be taken. These are areas that have traditionally been Russian-speaking and have always been part of Russia, McGregor said.

At the same time, he added that “the Russians have never been interested in Kyiv.”

According to the American colonel, the West needs to come to an agreement with Russia, make peace and recognize the territorial reality.

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