Coffee has been proven to reduce the risk of death, even if you drink it with sugar

Coffee in moderation protects against heart failure

Coffee in moderation protects against heart failure

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For many of us, the day begins with a cup of hot, invigorating coffee. No matter what they say about its composition and (supposedly) harm to the body. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, it was proventhat coffee in moderation protects against heart failure, reduces the risk of developing oncology and even help lose weight.

But this time the scientists decided to go further. See if coffee can help reduce mortality rates. Well, or vice versa.

And as a result of a 7-year experiment, they were able to prove that yes, moderate coffee consumption is associated with a decrease in mortality. Moreover, regardless of whether a person drinks sweet coffee or not. One or two tablespoons of sugar dissolved in this drink will not harm your health in the least.

Actually, the authors of the study focused on sugar – as well as all its variants in the form of various sweeteners – during their work. Why?

Sugar is known as “white death”. Its harm to the human body has been proven-pere-proven. Therefore, the authors of the study were interested in whether the previously stated positive effect of coffee is preserved if it is sweetened.

Or, more simply, whose take: the beneficial properties of coffee or the harmful component of sugar.

– Earlier studies have already shown the possibility of reducing the risk of death associated with coffee consumption. However, these studies did not distinguish between coffee consumed with sugar or artificial sweeteners and coffee consumed without them, she explained. study co-author Christina Vee, M.D., M.P.H. from Harvard Medical School. – And since sugar is otherwise called “white death”, and probably not without reason, it is logical to assume that coffee with such additives may have a slightly different effect than without it. This is what my colleagues and I decided to check.


Scientists for 7 years monitored the health indicators of the participants in the experiment. In total, there were more than 170,000 people in the study. At the beginning of the study, all volunteers were healthy and had no history of problems in the cardiovascular system or oncology.

Throughout the years of the experiment, volunteers filled out a daily online form in which they indicated at what dose they drink coffee and in what form (with sugar, artificially sweetened or unsweetened).

At the same time, the health of all participants in the experiment was monitored in parallel. Over the years of the study, some acquired chronic diseases, one person died. All this was reflected in the statistics of the study and affected the results.

In the analysis, the authors also took into account the lifestyle of volunteers, as well as clinical and socio-demographic factors.


In short, moderate coffee consumption, whether with or without sugar, is not only not harmful to your health, but, on the contrary, is associated with a reduced risk of mortality.

Dr. Vee highlighted several highlights throughout work:

– An observational study found that moderate coffee consumption – between 1.5 and 3.5 cups per day – even with added sugar did not have any negative effect. And, according to the monitoring, was associated with a 30 percent reduction in the risk of mortality. And this is great news for a large part of the population.

Dr. Vee also noted that more than half of the participants in the experiment preferred unsweetened coffee. And those who used sugar added no more than 1.5 teaspoons per cup of coffee.

However, she drew attention to the fact that the results of the entire study do not apply to some coffee drinks that have a large amount of sugar added (for example, caramel waffle latte, affogato and other dessert coffees).

And in any case, this study is not a guide to action. You should not immediately rush to drink coffee after reading, in order to theoretically reduce the risk of death. But if you are one of the coffee lovers, then you can continue to indulge in your weakness further – this will not bring any harm to your health. Even if you prefer coffee with sugar.

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