Co-host Urgant and partner Sobchak disgraced in Courchevel at the Sabbath with the Ukrainian flag

Alla claims that she was there quite by accident.

Alla claims that she was there quite by accident.

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At a scandalous party in Courchevel with the Ukrainian flag and champagne for 1000 euros per bottle, a colleague was noticed Ivan Urgant, leading Alla Mikheeva. She was accompanied by a PR woman Yulia Prudko. This is a partner Ksenia Sobchak in the advertising business. For what reason, the experienced Prudko could not tell Mikheeva not to post the video from the Sabbath on the social network, it is not clear.

The luxury French resort of Courchevel is shaken by wealthy Ukrainian guests. These mountains seem to have seen everything. This time the sabbath was accompanied by the removal of the Ukrainian flag and champagne to the obscene song. According to rumors, the party cost 20 thousand euros.

We celebrated the birthday of blogger Alina Varakuta. This is how the girl responded to those who began to shame her for dancing on the bones. “I have the right to celebrate my birthday there and how I want,” retorted the enchantress with knee-length hair and a silver fox on her head.

Lit up at a scandalous party and presenter “Evening Urgant” Alla Mikheeva. She famously danced under the “yellow-black” banner. To journalists, when asked about what happened, the co-host Ivan Urgant said that she goes to Courchevel every year and prefers skiing to snowboarding. She was accompanied by Yulia Prudko, Sobchak’s longtime companion.

As for the visit to the Ukrainian party, Alla claims that she was there quite by accident. “We were asked to take a picture because my friend and I are both in pink suits.and I don’t understand what the question is. I don’t think there’s anything to discuss here. All the best,” she is quoted as saying. 360.

By the way, earlier Ksenia Sobchak condemned the Courchevel bacchanalia and the Monaco Battalion: “Courchevel, the luxurious restaurant Bagatelle, a large table of people who speak Ukrainian. And the removal of six bottles of Crystal with the Ukrainian flag to the song about “… them.” I thought it was another stuffing, I didn’t believe it. And … from this picture of a “holiday” at the most expensive resort. I even asked the waiter how much it costs to organize such a takeaway with a flag. They said 20 thousand euros … Many of the Ukrainians are of military age … Interesting, of course what these patriots are celebrating.”


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