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Russia asked the States to add to the deal on exchange of basketball player Brittney Griner and lawyer Paul Whelan for Victor Boutserving time in the United States for arms trafficking, another Russian – Vadim Krasikov, who was found guilty in the murder of former Chechen field commander Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin. About it reported to CNN on Friday, July 29citing their sources, dedicated to the details of the discussion of the transaction.

According to the publication, the Russian side transmitted this proposal through unofficial channels of the FSB. In the United States, such a request was considered “problematic”, since Krasikov was convicted not in the States, but in Germany, where he is serving his sentence. In addition, the interlocutors of the publication note the incommensurability of the punishments of the participants in the exchange. Whelan charged with espionageGreiner was charged with drug smuggling because she found a vape with hash oiland Krasikov was seen by witnesses during the murder.

Nevertheless, CNN notes, the administration of US President Joe Biden sent a proposal to Berlin to consider the inclusion of Krasikov in the deal, as it is determined to return Greiner. However, according to CNN, this option is not seriously considered in Germany. Some US officials also do not regard the Russian proposal as a valid option and believe that with such “frivolous proposals” the Russian authorities are trying to buy time until the end of the trial of Greiner.

Khangoshvili’s killer Krasikov and his FSB friend

Russian Vadim Krasikov, who was traveling with a fake passport in the name of Vadim Sokolov, killed Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in the Small Tiergarten park in Berlin and was soon arrested by German police. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the prosecution indicated that the murder was committed for political reasons at the request of Russian government agencies. Khangoshvili fought against the Russian army in the second Chechen war in 2000-2004 and Moscow viewed him as an enemy. After the assassination, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he was the organizer of the explosions in the Moscow metro, but did not provide any evidence.

Sokolov is in touch with the FSB The Insider also pointed out in its investigation. According to the authors of the investigation, Krasikov did not serve in the department, but was closely associated with another suspect in the murder of Khangoshvili – FSB officer Roman Demyanchenkowho traveled with a passport in the name of Roman Davydov and met with Krasikov shortly before he killed the Chechen general.

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