Climate: the temperatures that will prevail this December 11 in Montevideo

Before going to your destination, check Montevideo weather forecast for the following hours today Sunday.

The weather for this Sunday in Montevideo will reach 33 degrees, while the minimum temperature It will be 18 degrees. The UV index forecast is 11.

As for the rain the probability of precipitation for said city it will be 57%, with a cloudiness of 22%, during the day; and 40%, with a cloudiness of 17%, throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the gusts of wind will reach 37 kilometers per hour during the day and 44 kilometers per hour at night.

The particular weather in Montevideo

Montevideo It has a humid subtropical climate with a average annual temperature of 16.7 degreesbeing relatively temperate during almost the whole year.

Due to its location, in a middle latitude, the seasons are well defined, mainly winter (from June to August) and summer (December to February), although there is usually wind practically all year round as it is a coastal city.

In winter there is usually precipitation and haze, as well as a decrease in temperature to zero degrees and, although snowfall is non-existent, a hot winter with temperatures that sometimes rise to 20 degrees is not. Spring and fall are mild.

On the other hand, during the summer heat waves are common with highs around 35 degrees and lows of 20 degrees. It is worth mentioning that the population should pay special attention to ultraviolet rays, as they are usually more intense than in the rest of the planet due to the geographical location of the country.

As for the temperature records, the record for the lowest has been -5.6 degrees, while the maximum has marked 42.8 degrees. Only once has a snowfall been recorded: it was on July 13, 1930 during the first game in the history of the Soccer World Cup.

What kind of climate is there in Uruguay

Paraguayan climate
Uruguay is characterized by having a double season of rainfall. (Photo: File)

Uruguay It is a country with a temperate-humid climate, with hot summers and cool winters that also, due to its geographical location and its proximity to the ocean, presents a double rainy season between spring-summer and autumn.

The country has an average temperature of 17 degrees a year, however, there is a very marked difference in their territory: the northwestern region where Artigas, Salto and Rivera are located is warmer with an average of 18 degrees; while the southeast, where Montevideo, Maldonado, Rocha and Lavalleja are, are cooler, with an average of 16 degrees.

Due to the strong winds that occur in the territory, the summers are less extreme and the winter is cooler, which also causes cold waves that especially affect the north and south of the center. Only in one month up to 25 frosts can be registered.

Just on January 15, 2022, the country registered a new record for the highest temperature In his story, when the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) noted that the maximum in Florida had reached 44 degrees, equaling the mark of January 20, 1943. On the contrary, the coldest was that of Mercedes on July 29, 2007 with -7.6 degrees.

Scientists warn that due to the effects of climate change Uruguay could have an increase in temperature up to three degrees in the year 2100as well as an increase in rainfall.


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