Citizens who left the Russian Federation did not contribute to the economy – Norkin

Citizens of the Russian Federation who left the country after the announcement partial mobilizationdid not contribute to the country’s economy, the host of the “Meeting Place” program believes Andrey Norkin.

He compared the mass exodus of Russian men to the hype of buying up buckwheat. The expert noted that many who left do not even fall under partial mobilization, because they do not have combat experience. He stressed that they did not contribute any power to the country’s economy, because they were not doing what they needed.

“I hear all the time:“ Oh, people who were supposed to save the country’s economy, develop industry, and education are leaving. These are, in my opinion, hipsters on scooters who build their whole lives around the Harry Potter universe, “said the presenter.

Norkin admitted that he would not want the citizens who left to return to Russia. In his opinion, they will take an anti-state position and will broadcast it to others.

“From my acquaintances, an English tutor, a computer scientist, some kind of “buy-sell” left. As they say now, we are losing the “best” ones, ”he laughed.

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