“CIA agent” revealed why Ukraine needs an attack on Kherson before autumn

“Ukrainian offensive” appears to be canceled

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The well-known accomplice of the American intelligence services Shevelis Shusteris, better known to us under the name of Savik Shuster, revealed why Kyiv so needs an offensive in southern Ukraine and the capture of Kherson, which has been talked about so much lately. And – no wonder – the whole thing again turned out to be in America. Or rather, the need for the US Democratic Party, led by Biden, to get at least some visible success of the Independent in the war against Russia, and in a specific time frame.

– November 8 is the most important date. Elections in the USA. These elections will say a lot. There is Biden, who openly helps Ukraine and said that Putin has no right to rule a country like Russia,” Shuster said in a frank interview with another Kyiv propagandist Dmitry Gordon, who, by the way, was put on the wanted list in Russia. I guess that’s their goal. By November 8, there should be some results that can be shown to the Americans.

– I see Trump’s statements. He says: the Democratic Party gives 40 billion to Ukraine, and our parents have nothing to feed their children. With this position, they will go to the polls. If this position wins, then things may change a bit in terms of allied relations between Ukraine and the United States, – Schuster does not hide the true goals of the offensive – to prevent the US Republican Party from winning the midterm elections to Congress, which will be held in November. After all, it’s no secret to anyone that Biden’s personal rating (the President of the United States from the Democratic Party, if anyone has forgotten) shows an anti-record after an anti-record, Americans are very dissatisfied with their current life and blame the “democrats” for all the troubles, recalling that “under Trump” there was no such thing.”

– Politics will strongly influence and rush Ukraine a little. But if before September we see the advance of Ukraine towards the borders of 1991, if the south is liberated, this will become a serious bid for the continuation of the counteroffensive, the liberation of Lugansk and Donetsk, – Shuster fantasizes further. – Crimea – let’s give this issue 15 years. We will deal with Crimea. But Ukraine can liberate Lugansk and Donetsk, being practically already a NATO army.

It looks like Shevelis has already gone with his head. Ukrainianized. In my dreams, I have already “liberated” Donbass, and I am ready to take on Crimea. But you need to understand that this part of the text about “liberation” is especially for Ukrainians to warm up their moods, inspire courage and courage. And the real goal is indicated above. And it was set by Washington.

So that the Ukrainians, dying in the trenches or on the march in the middle of the steppe, ask in their last breath: “Well, how is Biden, he won.” And they died for the President of the United States and his party with a smile on their lips. An extremely vile picture of Kyiv sacrificing its population. However, nothing new, just a logical continuation of the mess that was brewed in the United States more than eight years ago, making Ukraine not just an adversary, but an open enemy of Russia. And all these years, the citizens of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the volunteers of the Nazi battalions have been dying precisely for the interests of America and the goals that they were set by the United States.

And Savik-Shevelis is a very well-known provocateur, anti-Soviet and Russophobe. During the war in Afghanistan, under the guise of a journalist, he carried out CIA assignments, maintaining contacts with the Mujahideen, before that he issued fake issues of central Soviet newspapers with anti-Soviet content. We can say one of the founders of what is now called fakes. On it, as they say, there is nowhere to put samples. But now such “specialists” are in demand on the anti-Russian “Ukrainian front”. Even very knowledgeable people call him a CIA agent, which he periodically tries to refute, however, not very convincingly and willingly. And this interview with Gordon and the tasks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine voiced in it are a rare case when Shuster, who also worked in Russia on central television, where he started with a football theme and grew to a star of political television, told the truth.

That’s just the “Ukrainian offensive”, apparently, is cancelled. Shuster’s Ukrainian colleague in brainwashing, Aleksey “Lyusya” Arestovich, who over the past weeks has been promising a crushing blow against Russian troops and the “liberation” of Kherson, yesterday suddenly announced for August 5-6 not a Ukrainian “strike and assault”, but a Russian attack on south of Ukraine.

The works of Savik-Shevelis will go to waste.

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