Chulpan Khamatova admitted that she had been preparing to emigrate from Russia since 2012

Actress Chulpan Khamatova said that she had been hatching plans for emigration long before the special operation in Ukraine began.

The theater and film star admitted that she had prepared “retreat routes.” In order to make the move to another country as smooth as possible, she acquired real estate in Latvia.

The first thoughts about emigration visited the actress, by her own admission, in 2012. The actress then began to suspect that the situation in Russia would become “worse”. One of the Baltic countries became a fallback option for her.

“Latvia gives a residence permit if you buy land. I bought land and a few years later even built a house, which I did not expect from myself. It turned out that it was the cheapest. And this is what I could afford”, Khamatova said in an interview on the RusDelfi YouTube channel.

The actress noted that she was not going to buy more housing. She made such a conclusion based on her own negative experience, since she had to part with her Moscow apartment in order to “tear out all the roots.”

“You don’t know how life will turn,” Khamatova said.

Earlier, the actress said that her income in the Riga theater cannot be compared with the fees she received in Moscow. Standard of living actresses declined markedly after she settled in Latvia.

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