Chris Evans declared sexiest man on the planet

Hollywood actor Chris Evans.

Hollywood actor Chris Evans.


Christopher Evans is a popular American actor best known worldwide for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is known that 41-year-old Chris loves dogs and still leads a bachelor life.

In 2022, according to People magazine, he was recognized as the most important handsome man on Earth.

The beginning of Evans’ stellar journey was the school where his mother was the artistic director of the children’s theater. She taught him to tap dance and gave her son roles in all productions. So almost half of Chris’s life was spent in tights and shoes.

And even though he didn’t need the dancing skill later, the actor admits that he loves to dance with all his heart to this day.

The beginning of his film career was the film “Not a Child’s Movie”, where in one of the shots he appeared in panties of their whipped cream with berries on his chest.

Chris Evans in the movie

Chris Evans in the movie “Not a Kid’s Movie”.

Evans reached the peak of popularity thanks to the movie “The Avengers”. According to the Scream Awards, Chris became the best superhero. And in 2016, the role of Captain America made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. For filming, he either gained weight or drove it off.

Now Evans is not only an actor, but also a director. In 2014, he played one of the roles in his own film, even for her sake he learned to play the trumpet. He also knows how to play the piano, but only a dog can enjoy his game, because the actor is still single and lives alone with a four-legged pet.

Actor as Captain America.

Actor as Captain America.


Evans devotes all his free time to recreation and charity in favor of orphans. But he is not going to abandon the movie at all, continuing to act in films.

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