ChocQuibTown made their own version of ‘Rebellion’ for the great Joe Arroyo’s movie


The Colombian group ChocQuibTownrepresentatives of the sounds of the Colombian Pacific, in the last few hours presented the song ‘Rebellion’his reinterpretation of the salsa classic performed by joe brooka song that will precisely be part of the soundtrack of the biographical film of the Colombian composer.

Goyo, Tostao and Slowdespite having their solo projects, they do not stop bringing the trio’s followers new songs in which they leave their roots high and, in this case, with a clear inspiration in their Afro-descendent and Colombian nationality.

On this occasion, the singers were musically involved in one of the most ambitious projects in national cinema, the film that will tell the story of the great joe brookwhich will bear the same name as the song performed by the Chocoanos, ‘Rebellion’. This tape is directed by José Luis Rugeles, and the artists are the ones who sing the main theme.

In this new version of the iconic song, the people of Choco decided to include a much more contemporary rhythm in the song that highlights their Afro roots from the Colombian Pacific. “Don’t hit the black one”shared on their social networks goyo the official video of the song.

In social networks, the followers of the Chocoanos celebrate that they have been chosen to give a new version to the great composition of Álvaro José Arroyo González, “They took her out of the stadium and with the bases full”; “CHOCQUIBTOWN and JOE, what a beauty! Perfect combination!”.

This is how ‘Rebellión’, the Joe Arroyo classic, is heard in the voices of the members of ChocQuibTown:

It should be remembered that in the month of June 2021 The audiovisual production company Rhayuela Films confirmed that the shooting of the feature film that will bear the name ‘Rebelión’, in homage to one of the most representative songs of the interpreter called ‘La Rebelión’, has already finished. Federico Durán, producer of that audiovisual house, confirmed the news to the ‘Produ’ portal.

The film was built based on the ideas of José Luis Rugeles, who did his share of the film as director, and Chucky García, Rock al Parque programmer and music critic, who interviewed Joe Arroyo in the late 1990s. “He stayed with the character etched in his mind,” He told the Durán portal about Chucky’s experience with Cartagena.

I was exactly 20 years old and Joe was in his forties, I think. It was very cool because we are writing with José Luis Rugéles, from Rhayuela Films, the script for a film we are making about Joe Arroyo, and finding that cassette was very crazy”, Chucky commented that, in addition, without revealing the tentative title they had for those days of the film, he assured that Joe mentioned him in that audio.

Although all the recording work ended in mid-2021, it is noteworthy that the film had its world premiere last October 25 in Bogotá, but it can only be seen in all movie theaters in the country from the month of november.

The filming took place in Bogotá, where the Hotel de La Ópera and the Tequendama Hotel and Residences were used as locations. Likewise, a house-studio was built in which more than 10 sets were mounted. Added to this work of art is a very demanding prosthetic design to bring us very close to the image and spirit of Joe Arroyo. The film has a great work of research, design, recording and musical mastering, and will also have a very delicate work of VFXDuran said.


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