Chinese complex DF-17 – “aircraft carrier killer”

People’s Liberation Chinese army deployed the world’s first operational hypersonic anti-ship system DF-17.

Experts have already called it the “aircraft carrier killer,” according to the American edition. military watch.

The US Navy “moved” its aircraft carrier group closer to China ahead of a sensational visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The PLA responded by deploying the DF-17.

The PLA has long been developing various anti-ship missiles, including air-launched ballistic missiles.

Reviewers point to the DF-17 as a fairly new hypersonic anti-ship system. It’s a tactical ballistic missile that carries a bomb. It is almost impossible to intercept it due to maneuverability.

“The DF-17 takes China’s maritime capabilities to a new level. The technology of the land-based mobile system will be transferred to Chinese submarines and naval vessels in the future. This will seriously undermine the survivability of Western navies, equipped mainly with “subsonic” missiles,” — summed up the magazine.

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