China will return Taiwan to the new congress of the CCP, political scientist Vedrussov is sure

Political scientist, director of the analytical center “Strateg-PRO” Alexander Vedrussov I am convinced that the leader of China simply needs to show the citizens of Taiwan in order to stay for a new term.

Vedrussov expressed the hope that we will live to see a world where the US point of view will not excite anyone. The political scientist believes that the return of Taiwan for China is a matter of the near future.

“Taiwan should, after all, be reintegrated with China by the next CPC congress. The logic is simple. Xi wants to stay for a new term. They have a generational change every ten years. He needs to show something,” Vedrussov explained.

The expert suggested that the constitutional order in Taiwan would be restored by China.

Earlier, the Taiwan Defense Ministry reported that 29 military aircraft of the Chinese army entered the identification area air defense of the country.

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