“China understands they are the next candidates for analysis”

The head of the Center for the Study of the Far East in St. Petersburg, Kirill Kotkov, in an interview with Pravda.Ru, commented on the call Vladimir Zelensky to China to unite against the Russian Federation.

Kotkov is sure that Zelensky expresses the opinion of the West. He called the leader of Ukraine a “talking head”, which should not be taken seriously.

“If such statements were expressed by the leaders of serious states, then this would be worth listening to, at least to understand what they want,” the expert explained.

The Orientalist believes that the United States is putting pressure on China in order to force it to stop even verbally supporting Russia and join anti-Russian sanctions.

Kotkov suggested that Zelensky turned to China in light of the visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan

“Excuse me, what is Ukraine, what is China. These are completely incomparable things. And China will not exchange Russia for the sake of Ukraine at all. What are the economic ties between China and Ukraine and what are the economic ties between Russia and China? The United States and the EU? This is even more than China’s economic ties with Russia, and even more so with Ukraine, “explained the connoisseur of the East.

Kotkov has no doubts China will continue to support Russia

“China is well aware that they are the next candidates for analysis,” the expert expressed his point of view.

The Orientalist notes that China is extremely cautious in terms of business activity.

“Chinese companies are simply afraid of falling under sanctions, because China is more tied to the US and EU economies than to Russia,” Kotkov explained.

Political scientist Alexander Vedrussov expressed confidence that China answer hard after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

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