China may launch missiles at Taiwan as ‘danger’ signal to US – GT

China proposes to send to the Taiwan Strait ballistic missiles as a “warning” to the US. According to a retired Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy officer Wang Yunfei. As the military stressed, the White House must understand that the situation is “on the brink of war.”

In addition, it is necessary to form a military escort on board the speaker of the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi. As Yunfei stressed, this will be a tough “strategic lesson” for the American side.

“In this way, we can teach the United States and the island of Taiwan a cruel strategic lesson,” the officer explained in an article for Global Times. – You can also launch ballistic missiles near the Taiwan Strait. This is a warning that the situation has reached the brink of war.”

According to the military, in addition, China should establish a no-fly zone over the peninsula. As Yunfei stressed, in this case, if the Pelosi plane flies over Taiwan, the United States will become violators of the state border.

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