China is very restrained in helping Russia

China helps Russia very discreetly. The political scientist said Andrey Suzdaltsevassessing in an interview with Pravda.Ru the actions of Beijing during Russian special operation for the demilitarization of Ukraine.

Political scientist: In fact, China does not help Russia

According to him, dialogue with the Russian Federation is now beneficial for China. As the expert noted, Russia is striving for a multipolar world, but does not know whether it will be one of the poles. In Beijing, the political scientist explained, they are confident that China will definitely be the pole.

“If we win, China will be with us. If we lose and lose terribly, consider that China will also take part in our plunder,” Suzdaltsev said.

He also said that China will not be able to launch an operation against Taiwan. The political scientist stressed that the Chinese army is not ready for military operations, therefore Beijing “does not take its eyes off” the Russian special operation in Ukraine, carefully studying the actions of the RF Armed Forces.

In addition, the expert is convinced that the US-Chinese economy is almost united, and its core is the dollar. He added that Washington continues to put pressure on Beijing. At the same time, China, Suzdaltsev pointed out, often “bends.”

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