China is not strong enough to seize Taiwan, says Japanese expert

China Won’t Attack Taiwan After US House Speaker Visits Nancy Pelosibecause the PRC does not have enough forces to seize the island, said a senior researcher at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, a Japanese political scientist Tsuneo Watanabe.

“Now China does not have sufficient forces to attack Taiwan. There is not even such a number of landing ships. Therefore, there is currently no risk that Pelosi’s visit will entail an attack on Taiwan,” the expert said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He did not rule out that in 5-6 years China might increase its military power and try to annex Taiwan.

Watanabe said China does not have enough amphibious assault ships needed to land troops on the island. However, by 2027-2028, China can build such vessels, according to American experts. In this case, the likelihood of a conflict between China and the United States will increase significantly. Whether Washington will be ready to defend Taipei in a few years is unknown, the source said.

On Tuesday, August 2, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan and said that Washington cannot stand by while the Chinese Communist Party “threatens Taiwan and democracy itself.”

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