China is actively preparing for war with the United States

Former head of the Ministry of Defense Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Strelkov commented on the reaction of the Chinese authorities to the working trip of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi in Taipei.

According to the politician, Washington failed to provoke Beijing. Strelkov noted that while the Chinese military is not able to fight the US fleet and aircraft, therefore, the decision not to attack Taiwan because of the visit of an American official is rational. At the same time, the ex-minister of the DPR recalled: China intends to rearm the army by 2025.

“China is preparing for a possible war actively and purposefully. And not by shooting cartoons,” the politician concluded.

Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned of a tough response to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Beijing officials stressed that the separatists and the United States are responsible for the consequences of its reaction.

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