Children set up a checkpoint near Uzhhorod

Near Uzhgorod, the children set up a checkpoint and collected more than 12,000 hryvnias for cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in three days, the money was handed over to the writer Andrei Lyubka.

He announced this in his Facebook the writer himself, a volunteer who purchases and delivers cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Troops, Andriy Lyubka, reports Ukrinform.

“Children continue to give me money for cars for the army. 10-year-old Denis, with friends and girlfriends, organized a “checkpoint” in Goryany – the children raised funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (I will add a video about this in the comments). The initiative was supported by the rector of the Goryanskaya Rotunda church, father Bogdan Savula, encouraging adults to pass through the checkpoint and hand over money to the kids. As a result, it took three days to collect 12,670 hryvnias!” he wrote.

Lyubka thanked the children for the initiative and noted that “we have a great generation growing – Ukrainians!”.

Earlier, the writer reported about a nine-year-old girl Lida from Uzhgorod, who gave him 3,000 hryvnias and 50 euros from her birthday.

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As Ukrinform reported, the famous Ukrainian writer Andriy Lyubka became a volunteer, he buys cars for units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Troops.

Photo: Facebook Andriy Lyubka

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