Chief of the Lima Police Region warns that rubber pellets will be used given the violence in demonstrations

This morning General PNP, Victor ZanabriaChief of the Police Region of Lima, announced that given the degree of violence with which the protesters are attacking the members of the PNP, the use of rubber pellets has been authorized as a defense measure.

During a brief conversation with the media, the police officer made it clear that the National Police of Peru It has all the international standards approved by Legislative Decree 1186.

“We have ownership of the use of force. By delegation of the State we have all the norms with the approved international standards and today we are going to raise the level of response. The use of rubber pellets has been authorized given the level of violence and the impact on the integrity of the police, this is in accordance with the proportionality established by the Legislative Decree 1186″, he explained.

“Today rubber pellets are going to be used because the degree of violence towards police officers raises the level of risk and is causing serious injuries,” he added.

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In addition, he reported the true state of the police and provided data on the number of injured, detained and measures that are expected to be taken by the public, but not before condemning these revolutionary groups.

“Last Monday we had 13 detaineesIt is known that three of them are the ones who have attacked the truck of the Exitosa media outlet. We already have your ID. In Lima there are currently 21 injuredof which is the General of the Lima Region himself, whom I am relieving and nationwide there are 119 injured“, held.

“Whenever there is a fair demonstration or not, they have the right to claim. In this case there is not a large group, but it is highly violent. Since these protests have started, every day damage has been caused to private and state property and there are a number of injuries,” he specified.

General Jorge Zanabria said that this Tuesday a greater number of police officers are being deployed in the various areas where demonstrations have taken place. In addition, he indicated that They will redouble reinforcements in Plaza San Martín.

“They are unfolding 5 thousand policemen throughout the historic center of Lima as a result of the acts of vandalism that took place last Monday. Of these 5,000, 1,500 troops will be permanently in Plaza San Martín, which is the concentration point of different demonstrations, ”he reported.

“We have made a report so that the situation we are in is known, because we are not talking about mass demonstrations. These demonstrations do not reach 600 people who are marching, but they are highly violent and highly organized to destroy things. We are counting on more personnel, we have more resources and we hope to always abide by the provisions that the justice operators make to guarantee the rights of the people”, he added.

Chief of the Lima Police Region of the PNP warns that rubber pellets will be used
Chief of the Lima Police Region of the PNP warns that rubber pellets will be used

Last Monday, a group of misfits began to use sticks and stones against the National Police, argued that they were protesters. However, the PNP managed to repel them. Despite the great efforts of law enforcement officers, these vandals destroyed windows, cars, and stores, and put the integrity of police officers and passers-by at risk.


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