Chelyabinsk was covered with a white mist, which makes it difficult to breathe

All residents of Chelyabinsk noticed that the sky over the city was covered with a dense veil. The cloud of industrial smog is best seen in the Traktorozavodsky district.

Citizens claim that because of harmful emissions, health is deteriorating and it has become difficult to breathe.

“Today, ChEMK released a white mist into the air in the rain, covered the entire area, there was nothing to breathe,” the portal quotes one of the townspeople as saying.

Chelyabinsk residents emphasize that there is an incredibly powerful release from ChEMK at the moment, and they advise calling 112.

The deterioration of the ecological situation over Chelyabinsk is facilitated by calm and damp weather, which does not help dissipate harmful emissions. As a result, emissions remain above residential areas for a long time.

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