Checo Pérez sang “Cielito Lindo” with Carlos Slim and Elías Ayub

The driver from Guadalajara, Jalisco finished third in the Mexican Grand Prix (Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS)
The driver from Guadalajara, Jalisco finished third in the Mexican Grand Prix (Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS)

The last weekend of October 2022 kept all Mexican Formula 1 fans in suspense. After rising on the podium of the Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez, Sergio Perez joined the celebrations of the people who followed him closely and participated in a party where he could sing in the company of two of the most important businessmen from the country.

Through social networks, a video was released of the exclusive celebration that the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco maintained after having participated in the Mexican Grand Prix. In the video he is seen in the middle of a crowd, with a microphone in his hand and singing the theme of “Cielito Lindo” accompanied by Arturo Elias Ayub and Carlos Slim Domit in an exclusive event room.

“Ay, ay, ay, ay! Sing and don’t cry”, pronounced the Red Bull driver before passing the microphone to Carlos Slim Helú’s son-in-law, who completed the verse by pronouncing “because singing makes them happy, sweet darling, the hearts, Come on, Mexico!”

The presence of Czech Perez in the environment of the Slim family it is not strange. In fact, it was those two characters who were in charge of promoting his career since the tycoon Carlos and his eldest son Slim Domit they discovered his talent in 1997as well as when he was integrated into the newly created Escudería Telmex five years later.

The support did not end there, because when Checo Pérez made the decision to continue down the path of formula cars, the Slim family endorsed their support with sponsorship at various international fairs and even when they interceded for him so that he could join the Red Bull Racing team of Formula 1.

In June 2022, during an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, Antonio Pérez Garibay, father of the pilot, recounted how Carlos Slim and Arturo Elías Ayub were important pieces so that Checo did not leave the maximum circuit of motorsport due to the termination of his contract with the Racing Point team at the end of the 2020 season.

The Slim family has been important throughout Checo Pérez's sports career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
The Slim family has been important throughout Checo Pérez’s sports career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

“We returned to Mexico and about 15 days later he invited us to dinner at his house, his mother, his brothers and a servant. We arrived, there was a Red Bull and Red Bulls cake on the table and he didn’t need to tell us anything, we already knew what it was about. We hug him, we kiss him and he tells us: ‘I just signed with Red Bull thanks to Carlos’. Carlos and Arturo Elías made a great negotiation for Checo to be in the Red Bull team, something that had already been lost,” he recalled.

Since his arrival in the national territory, Sergio Pérez has positioned himself as one of the favorites to win the first position in race number 20 in the 2022 season. His ability was demonstrated during the first rounds of free tests, where he was among the best five drivers, and up to the qualifying round, in which he claimed fourth place on the grid.

Carlos Slim was key for Checo Pérez to join Red Bull (Photo: facebook/Uriel Calderon)
Carlos Slim was key for Checo Pérez to join Red Bull (Photo: facebook/Uriel Calderon)

During the final competition, Pérez was challenged to get away from Charles Leclerc and overtake the two Mercedes drivers around the circuit. He only achieved the second of the objectives by passing George Russell, but could not go beyond the position of Lewis Hamilton, who took second place. In that sense, the Tapatío was consolidated as the third best driver in the race.

With the result, Pérez climbed and regained the runner-up position in the Drivers’ World Championship for the campaign. Thanks to his 280 total units, he was five ahead of the Ferrari driver and took another step towards obtaining the silver position. If the Mexican seeks to consolidate his best campaign in Formula 1, then his obligation will be add more points than Leclerc in the Grand Prix of Brazil and Abu Dhabi.


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