Checo Pérez: Christian Horner’s statements that belittled the work of the Mexican

Christian Horner minimized the work of Checo Pérez against Max Verstappen (REUTERS / Geer Vanden Wijngaert)
Christian Horner minimized the work of Checo Pérez against Max Verstappen (REUTERS / Geer Vanden Wijngaert)

The two-time world championship in Formula 1 has placed max verstappen in the center of the reflectors. His work has wowed fans as well as motorsport experts and, of course, members of his team. admiration within Red Bull Racing it has been such that Christian Horner has come to exalt the role of the Dutchman without considering the performance of Sergio Pérez.

In statements collected by the newspaper Brandthe chief pilot of the red bull team spoke and emphasized that There is no better pilot than the Dutchman today. His statement included Checo Perez in the group of the rest of the drivers, who was a key piece for Verstappen to get his first world title during the dispute of the last race of the 2021 season.

“I don’t like to see beyond (see other pilots) but for me Max (Vesrstappen) is way above the rest in Formula 1, of all the drivers. I think that he can achieve even more things if we give him a car that meets his needs, ”said the Red Bull chief mechanic to the media.

It is worth mentioning that, although the Dutchman was already improving his skills at the wheel of his team’s car, it was not until the arrival of the Guadalajara to the team when he could become champion and surpass Lewis Hamilton. Similarly, in the second year since the arrival of the Mexican, Red Bull Racing regained the top of the constructors’ world championship.

Despite this, the man from Guadalajara has not been able to fully convince your team members. One of the harshest critics in his environment is Marko Helmut, main adviser to the Austrian team and who in recent months has underestimated the contributions of the second driver of the RB18. He even made a statement similar to the one enunciated by Christian Horner.

“There are only two drivers in Formula 1 who are halfway to the level of Verstappen, who are Leclerc and Hamiltonno one else”, indicated the Austrian adviser even when Checo Perez The second place in the world championship of drivers was disputed against the driver of the Ferrari team in 2022.

In the year 2022, Checo Perez he had his best season since he began his career in Formula 1. With 305 points he took third place on the podium and set himself the goal of improve their position for the following season. Despite his optimism, he will have to fight against criticism from members of his team, but also against the figure of Daniel Ricciardowho returned to Red Bull.

According to statements by Horner himself, the return of the Australian will not put Pérez’s seat at risk, who has two more years on his contract, for the 2023 season. Ricciardo will be registered as the third driver and its main functions will be to help in business planning, as well as in the simulation and improvement of Verstappen and Pérez’s cars.

Although it is unlikely that Ricciardo will alternate driving with either of the two starters at the Grand Prix, the Mexican will have to use your best effort to excel your performance and seek to obtain its first world championship of drivers in history.


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