“Cheburashka” surpassed “Kholop”. What is the success of the new film and how much money was spent on the picture

"Cheburashka" collected at the box office already 3 billion rubles and became the highest grossing film in Russia

“Cheburashka” has already collected 3 billion rubles at the box office and has become the highest-grossing film in Russia

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It happened that “KP” predicted the day before: movie about Cheburashka, what is called, “teared the cash register.” At the time of signing this issue, the picture has collected 3,096,691,902 rubles in the Russian box office. (since the beginning of this year and in pre-release at the end of December; data from the Unified Federal Automated Information System for information about film screenings in cinema halls). This is an absolute record in the history of Russian cinema. Moreover, “Cheburashka” is only the third film that managed to earn 3 billion rubles in our box office! (the second two are Kholop and the American Avatar).

So far, the top five Russian films – the leaders of our distribution – look like this (rounded figures, in billion rubles):

1. “Cheburashka” (2022) – 3,097

2. “Slave” (2020) – 3.07

3. “Moving Up” (2018) – 2,968

4. “T-34” (2019) – 2.198

5. “The last hero. Messenger of Darkness (2022) – 2,198

Film market experts believe that “Cheburashka” may well reach the bar of 4 billion rubles. After all, “Kholop” took 46 days to overcome the mark of 3 billion, and a film about an orange lover took a week and a half.

Of course, Cheburashka was helped by the fact that, frankly, there are no foreign hits in our box office. Same Avatar. The Way of Water”, which has already earned $1.7 billion, is not and will not be shown legally in Russia (according to rumors, from January 12 we are planning to show it on the principle of “parallel import”).

But, on the other hand, there are a lot of new Russian films at the box office right now, but the people are pouring in a flood, first of all, on Cheburashka. For example, Yolki-9 has collected only 96.7 million since January 1, Chuk and Gek. Big adventure – 134.8 million, “Naughty-2” – 237.8 million. Behind “Cheburashka” in second place – “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf – 5” with “pathetic” 357.8 million.

The producers’ calculation turned out to be correct: adults who grew up on that Soviet cartoon about Cheburashka and Gena went to the cinema with their children in a nostalgic impulse. The script was written by the most experienced pros, led by Vitaly Shlyappo (he also came up with the “Kitchen”!). The experienced hand of director Dmitry Dyachenko, also hardened by the hit “Last Heroes”, did not flinch either – everyone liked the result.

One of the general producers of Cheburashka, Alexei Trotsyuk, has already said that there will definitely be a sequel.


Is 3 billion already a profit or not yet?

Making a great movie is very expensive. According to official data, 850 million rubles are spent on the production of Cheburashka. This is a lot – for comparison, the budget of the painting “The Last Hero. Messenger of Darkness” half as much.

But that’s not all, the film must be properly advertised – show videos on TV, hang banners on cities, twist trailers before the start of other films. The budget for marketing is not disclosed, but experts say that at least another 100 million rubles are required for advertising.

And another part of the money received for tickets goes to the Russian Authors’ Society, something the cinema should keep for itself. On average, the film distributor (this is the company responsible for distribution) gets 40-50% of the cash fees, part of which then goes to the producer.

But even taking into account all the expenses, Cheburashka made a huge profit. Additional revenues will continue after the release, when the film will be sold to online cinemas, TV channels and, possibly, foreign distributors.

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